18mos postpartum progress pics

So I had my third baby in dec 2017, only this time my body didnt bounce right back like it did with my other two. I felt so uncomfortable in my own body. I took some before pics about 8wks postpartum, right before I started fitness blender. I continued working out, but I felt like I wasnt seeing any results and the scale was only going UP not down. I didnt take any "after" pics. I thought I looked the same. But over the last few months, I've had numerous people (even strangers) comment on my "toned body," so I decided to finally take some after pics - over a year into my workout journey! Holy cow, I was so shocked to see the pics side by side. I am 10lbs more in the "after" pic. All this to say, dont let the scale fool you! Take those after pics!