Lettuce Wraps, Anyone?

Okay, #FBFamily...how many of you eat lettuce wraps?

Because at our house, we don't just eat them, we devour them.

Whenever #chefinthemaking prepares them, we sit down at the dining room table, with all of the ingredients right front of us…and just get after it.

We don’t talk very much. We sometimes compete over ingredients. We grunt and groan (okay, so that's mainly me, but still...). We unashamedly lick sauce from our fingers (our own fingers, not each other’s). And, invariably, we eat too much.

If I had to think of a movie title that explains our dinners that involve lettuce wraps, I’d probably go with Too Fast, Too Furious…cuz that’s how we eat ‘em.

What are your Too Fast, Too Furious meals?