Daily Check-in: Monday, June 24th


Hello Blenders!

How're you all doing today? Did you have a good weekend?

I hope so!

Hubby and I got a lot of stuff done! Lawn is mowed, garden is weeded, and our hay field is cut and baled. All good stuff! It's nice to have some of that done for a bit.

How about you guys? Was a get-stuff-done kinda weekend for you, or more of a get-some-much-needed-rest weekend?

Both are pretty awesome, if you ask me!

Oh, and another random bird photo for today! This male ruby-throated hummingbird was grumpily perched on the telephone wire, so I took a pic of him. Kind of a hilarious looking little grouch, in my opinion! haha

And how about some workouts to kick off your Monday? Are you working out today, or are you resting?

I'm working out! I just don't know what I wanna do today! Should it be an upper body or lower body workout day? I'm not quite sure yet--but I do know that there'll be weights involved!

And what about some good food to power us through a case of the "Mondays"? What's on your menu for today?

I'm thinking it might be another taco salad kind of day! But I'll see what Hubby thinks about that later today--might be another egg related dinner too! (I'm fine with both! haha)

Alright guys, I've gotta run!

I hope you all have a fantastic day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care FB Fam, and enjoy those workouts today!