A 5 Hour Workout... Dancing!


Hey guys!

Just wanted to share something rather interesting with you. There is one muscle in my body that very rarely gets sore, no matter what I do, and that is my calf muscle. Honestly, whatever I try - strength, cardio, calf raises with heaps of weight - I might be sore all over my lower body, but my calves almost always escape it. Yet currently my calf muscles are so sore I can barely walk. :P

It wasn't strength that did it, either... it was dancing! Who knew, right? I attended a dance over the weekend that combined folk dancing, bush dancing and English country dancing (honestly guys, 5 hours of dancing is my cardio done for the week xD). I believe it was the combination of a lot of setting, jumping, and just fast paced activity in general that did it. One particular dance, the Dashing White Sergeant, had me setting and twirling for a good 10 minutes straight (setting is very heavy on the calves) which I think finished my muscles off.

It's now been two days since the dance and man, I can't even do a jog in place. :P I finally made my calf muscles sore, haha!

Have any of you done folk dancing or anything similar? Would you try it?