Body + swimsuit = beach body

Hello dear Blenders! I wanted to share with you the results of my 9 month workout consistency. Although this set of 'before' pictures was taken after I did FB Fit, so technically they're 7 months apart :D

It's been great fun joining the workout train, and by now it's definitely a train I'm not getting off of. I am happy about the appearance-wise results I achieved, but most of all, I would like to emphasise the confidence and acceptance that Fitnessblender has really given me. While the light could be better in these photos, I can tell you that my legs still have jiggly parts, and my lower body is happily protecting those sweet new gains with some fatty protective layers :P But while this would cause me self-consciousness and discomfort a year or two ago, I now feel fully at ease - respecting myself for the the effort I put in, and my body for being so awesomely capable :)

So with summer in full swing, I just wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone that all you need to make a beach body is a swimsuit.

Happy blending