Some positivity - things I am grateful for 🙏🏽


Reading many of the ‘disappointment/no progress’ posts today, decided to boost some positivity.

Yes I am 137lbs, 5’3. No I didn’t lose the 10lbs I planned to lose since 2018.

But I am grateful to be in the mental space where I looked at myself in the mirror after months, smiled and thought to take a photo. I am grateful to recover from a surgery and cancer threat. I am ready to start some other long treatment procedure that would most likely lead to more surgery. I am grateful to be in correct mindset to face this next battle. 💪🏽

Life is too short to complain about what we couldn’t achieve. A healthy body and mind of any size and shape is all you need. Stay blessed ❤️

PS. Apologies for that terrible bed behind! 😂