Progress: 1 month of serious Blending

Left: May 15, Right: Today, June 15.

I've been doing FB workouts on and off for a while and one month ago I finally decided to get more serious. Since then I've finished Abs Round 2 and am currently on day 5 of Strong. I adore working out with Kelli & Dan because of their honesty and how natural they are.

So let's start, full disclosure: this is progress after one month of following their programs, but also involves better posture and squeezing muscles I didn't know I had. Even so, there's definitely some definition happening that wasn't there before!

Random thoughts about my journey so far:

- I'm always getting stronger, and knowing that is a huge motivational boost. The first time a side plank came up, I couldn't do it. Not a chance. Despite not actively practicing it, the next time it showed up in a video, I got those hips off the ground!!

- Ditched a looot of processed food and replaced them with/added healthier options. The first week or so, my stomach was just about ready to murder me for it...but since then, it's been very happy. :P Overall, I crave "bad food" a lot less (but don't deny myself snacks like chocolate either).

- My posture is awful. Always has been. Although I still have a long way to go, I find myself wanting to adjust my posture much more often these days. It's like minding my form during exercise teaches my body to finally call me out on my bad habits. :P

- The FB workout programs are real time savers for me. I think after analyzing one or two, you'd be able to build similar programs just fine, but I'm lazy and I also like the variety and that they make me do routines I might otherwise avoid. If it wasn't for FB "forcing" me to try it, I would've never realized how much I enjoy strength training.

- My weight fluctuates around 55 kg / 121 lbs. After around 2 weeks, I stopped weighing myself daily - the number on the scale became such an afterthought I kind of just forgot about it.

I've wanted to be kinder to my body for a long time, and after many failed attempts, I'm finally sticking to it. Thank you for the positive vibes and for changing my life, K&D and fellow Blenders :)