HKS Accountability Group June 12


Good morning!

I'm sorry I didn't check in yesterday. I've had a couple of unwanted days off from working out.

Unfortunately, sleep has been a fickle beast. Not nightmares, but just weird dreams, waking up hourly. I'm not under any stress now that work has calmed down a bit, but it seems as though I just can't fall asleep and stay asleep when it counts. It's sapped all of my energy and I have tried to reclaim some lost time during snooze alarms the past few mornings.

I want to jump back into it tomorrow so I definitely will, even if it's not my normal program, and just something accomplish-able from a standalone video.

That being said, I have been doing the walks with mum... last night was our longest ever walk, clocking in at 90 minutes - we walked a whopping 8600 steps in that one go!