Bachelor Thesis: COMPLETE ✅


Hello everyone,

how is everyone doing?

Today, I finally handed in my bachelor thesis! I feel super proud of myself for having accomplished something I thought was not possible. I struggled a lot and second guessed myself and my abilities a lot, but I kept going and told myself that I can do it - I guess hard work really does pay off in the end?

My closest friends and my family surprised me with a BBQ party to celebrate this milestone. I really did not expect any of it... I feel very loved and blessed and so thankful for everyone in my life. It’s not every day that you write a bachelor thesis and it’s surely not every day that your loved ones gather and take their time to prepare foods you love, so I will not beat myself up for having eaten all the delicious foods that are neither “clean” nor “whole” nor “healthy” (I’m talking about nutella filled chocolate chip cookies, carrot cakes, banana bread and lots and lots of baked goodies). I can always go back to eating healthy whole foods for my next meal, so I went ALL IN and scored a 2:0 against my opponent fear foods!

How has your day been? What were you up to?

Lots of Love,