HKS Accountability Group June 11


Good Morning Everyone,

I completed Reach Day 2 last night and realized just how not flexible I am. Glad I started the program.

Was warming up for my Brutal Butt and Thigh Strength Sweatfest, Day 12 of Strong and realize my lower body was super sore from playing and walking in the river against the current yesterday. So I am sure tomorrow my lower body is going to be super sore. And yes I sweated more with this routine than a cardio workout.

On the exciting front, I got PowerBlocks yesterday and they are so awesome. They have a 15 year warranty which is really cool. The best part is I only paid $159 and no shipping. I got them at Gtech Fitness. Great price and great service.

It was really nice to workout with them this morning. My husband built me a table to set them on, he is so awesome.

Savannah and I are off to town again and the dentist today for her annul check-up.

Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday.

Peace, love and harmony