Night time hunger - normal?

Hi community,

Since working out with FB (I'm on my 2nd round of the 8 week FBFit program) my metabolism and thus appetite have been kicked into higher gear, but I've been trying to not drastically increase my meal size so I can lose weight. In the last several months I've lost almost 25 pounds but still have another 20ish to go to reach my goal weight. I know that to continue losing weight I need to burn more calories than I eat every day. So I've been assuming that my hungry tummy rumbles at night as I'm going to bed are a good sign that I've reached a calorie deficit for the day.

HOWEVER! I have definitely noticed my weight loss slowing the last few weeks-which I know is normal. But I'm wondering if it's because I'm not eating enough and thus triggering my body to try to hold onto its weight.

?! I'm confused and not sure what to do.

Does anyone else experience hunger at bedtime? Is this normal and ok or should I be eating a healthy snack at night/eating MORE during the day? For reference I usually eat dinner between 6-7pm and I'm in bed by 10ish. I have what I'd consider a healthy diet, trying to stick to only whole-grain carbs, with plenty of veggies and protein.

Thanks for any insights or advice you can offer!