HKS Accountability Group June 10


Good morning!

Weekend is over and its back to the grind. I didn't end up doing the optional on Saturday as we were very busy with errands.

Today was LI- Day 8 - a fun lower body. It was a bit of a struggle, as my knee has developed a popping noise since the last time I did these... It's not a painful pop but it's present pretty much all the time... running up and down stairs, anything the requires using the joint... Even though it doesn't hurt, I'm afraid that letting it pop all over the place will eventually cause some kind of issue. So I kept my weights low and focused on range of motion.

Last night, mum and I got out for a walk - we did our normal hour and equated about 6700 steps (which brought my day's total up to 9k).

Have a wonderful day everyone!