Site suggestion - “add to calendar” tracker


Hello dears!

Remember when K&D sometimes ask about what new features we would like for the site and one of the top popular answers is – to be able to add notes to individual workouts instead calendar days?

I was thinking maybe there could be a simpler shortcut to that, by making some sort of tracking tool of whenever we added a video to calendar.

I have no idea what sort of programming would be behind it (so, sorry if I’m making an impossible suggestion :)) but I imagine the result to be something like this – when you open any workout page, and you have that black box on the right, with the “add to favorites” button and “add to calendar” button, to make that “add to calendar” button have an option of viewing previous addings (when hovering over it for example). It would be super cool, don’t you think? That way you could not only find the dates on the calendar where you left notes about that workout but you could also see how many times you’ve done it :)

What do you think? (by “you” I mean all Blenders and I’m also very interested in FB team’s opinion –is it feasible?)

Thanks!!! I’m already super happy and grateful for everything you offer but this would make me over the top thrilled!