Feeling like an outcast among colleagues... Eating habits + social rejection.

I would like to raise another issue that may be familiar to some of you, fellow Blenders. I have come across it hundreds of times, and it kinda piled up.

I tend to choose healthy food options whenever I can, I always prep my meals to take to work, always take healthy snacks, etc... That is all perfect and great, but there is this social pressure that really brings me down...

It's one thing to reject a cookie or a candy and say that you don't won't it (I actually eat them sometimes, just not every day, like my colleagues do). But that's a whole different story when it comes to celebrations (birthdays, events, etc.) at the workplace. Guys like to orders pizzas or cakes in huge quantities, gather together, eat, drink Cola, talk, laugh... It's all amazing, I really like my teammates, but I always feel misunderstood and kind of a "loner" since I never touch any of the food they order. They are constantly asking me why, and I just tell them that I don't want it (it's the truth, I hate pizza of any kind, I can't stand the smell of melted cheese, that's the main reason). They don't believe me, of course, and consider me to be strange. Or to be "higher that that", too "fancy", or smth... I feel awkward, and awful, and I can never feel at ease in such situations.

Has anyone experienced that? What can I do to break this strain? How can I just get rid of the tension? I don't wanna go into details about all the healthy eating stuff with them, and I know they will never understand the fact that I am not tempted by any food that I don't make for myself. What would you do in my place? I really like to socialize, I consider myself to be a friendly person, so it is a painful issue for me :(