All about Deadlifts!

Hi, I'm so thankful for this new community section on FB website because I have a question which has been on my mind for a very long time and am getting a bit concerned. I've been doing deadlifts for as long as I've been training and I always get lower back pain when I'm doing it. I am very careful about keeping my back straight because I know that could be a cause of lower back pain during deadlifts, so that is definitely not the case. I thought maybe I'm lifting weights which are too heavy, but to be honest, my legs don't get tired or sore at all with the current weights so if I lower the weight any further, I'm afraid the exercise will be ineffective for the legs. Is there anyone who had any similar issue and managed to resolve it? Current goals are fat loss rather than toning or building muscle, so I might consider stopping deadlifts altogether at this point.

PS after answering my question, feel free to discuss anything related to deadlifts in this thread :)