HKS Accountability Group May 31


Good morning!

I actually did not work out this morning... I moved Day 3 for flexibility to tomorrow. I ended up waking up pretty late and definitely in the wrong part of my sleep cycle!

I have LI scheduled to start on Monday, however, I don't want to do the PFT, so I spent this morning finding a workout to jam in between the scheduled warm up and cool down. I found a fun-looking level 3 boot-camp style workout Kelli leads - rounding out Monday to 40 mins on the nose.

Today is extremely smoky - wildfire season has already descended upon us. I've heard that there are some places in the Northern parts of the US that are actually getting some of our smoke. It's amazing how far it's spread! The whole city smells like a campfire.

I'm happy today is Friday! I hope you all enjoy your day!