Jesse's Arm Gauntlet - Are you up for this?


Heads up: You will need resistance bands as well as dumbbells for this challenge. Either a loop band or a band with handles will work, as long as it has enough resistance to be challenging for you. I will work out one for those of you with only dumbbells very soon. Be sure to bug me about it if I don't produce quickly enough!

Hello everyone! I recently got a sweet new haircut, and in celebration of my dashing and charming good looks I figured why not issue a custom challenge. You guys celebrate looking good by shredding your arms, right? No? Well, either way - Lets get into this.

This workout is a custom arm blaster from yours truly. If you lift a weight that's challenging for you and use full intensity, this more than likely will hurt the next day. This won't be easy, and if you need to drop weight in order to keep good form and stay safe, then do so. Always listen to your body. That said, there are only six moves in this, three split between two groups.

You'll be doing three sets of each, aiming for 8 solid, high quality reps with challenging weight. You'll tackle one group at a time, completing one exercise with the aim of sliding directly into the next with as little rest as possible. If you need to take extra time between each individual exercise, do so. Try not to take too long, but your safety and form is of course first.

Group One - Biceps - Complete in order

- Alternating dumbbell bicep curls ( x8 reps )

- Zottman Curls (x8 reps)

- Resistance band hammer curls (x8 reps)

- Rest for a maximum of one minute (You can do more if you absolutely have to, as stated. Be careful, this isn't easy,) then repeat each exercise two more times for a total of 3 sets.

With all three moves here, clean form and slow, deliberate reps are especially important. You want maximum squeeze and tension the whole way through, engaging your forearms as well as your biceps. Lower the weight/band back down slowly, challenging yourself on the decline and squeeze at the top.

Group 2 - Triceps - Complete in order

- Dumbbell close grip chest press ( x8 reps )

- Dumbbell tricep kickbacks ( x8 reps each side )

- Standing overhead tricep extension with resistance band ( x8 reps each side )

- Rest for a maximum of one minute (same rider as above) then repeat all three through again. Maximum three sets.

Be careful with the resistance band, I suggest lowering the resistance or just going lighter than you normally would period. The close grip press and kickbacks are going to fatigue your triceps quickly. The band provides constant downwards tension and could put your shoulder in a compromised position if you go too heavy and cannot control it at all times, which is true with a dumbbell as well. Just listen to your body and your brain on the last move

If your arms aren't totally cooked by the end of all that, you either used too light of weight or are a heck of a lot stronger than me. If you cannot finish the whole way through, don't feel bad. Stop. Protect yourself. The next time you try, you can measure how much stronger you were the whole way through. Let me know if you give this a try or if it looks a tad crazy!