Have you noticed this?


Hello FB Family,

This post is a bit weird, but I thought I should share something I'd noticed searching through my favourites list, so that it may end up motivating someone -because it most certainly motivated me.

So, I have a love-hate relationship with this workout and judging by the feedback on the comment sections, I know that I am not alone. While the combo moves and the number of repetitions on each side of the body turn this routine into a great strength & endurance challenge, after a point they become too demanding to allow you to maintain proper form, as a result of which the workout becomes too awkard to be beneficial.

Anyway, lots of people were complaining about this, myself included. However, I still somehow found myself turning to this workout quite often. And I swear, all this time it was labelled as level 4 -in fact, many people said that this really deserved a 5 instead of 4. Turns out they have changed it !! This means that I've done a level 5 workout without realizing it throughout these months. It may not be a big deal for some of you, especially if you've done plenty of level 5/5 workouts before, but this gave me an awkard sense of accomplishment. I've been scared to do those hardest workouts most of the time. Until now, I thought I'd done only two of those. (Kelli's lower body strength + HIIT + pilates workout & Daniel's new 56 min active -static strength & HIIT lower body routine) Now it makes three! I already feel like I'm an advanced exerciser -yeah, I got cocky :D 😂 I'm no longer afraid -in fact, I have decided to try more of those 5/5 workouts in the short term.

Long story short : Do not be afraid to challenge yourself (safely, of course) you might already be much closer to your goals than you suppose. What you are capable of now may in fact be "a big deal" although it may not necessarily seem so at first. Trust yourself, trust your body.

Lots of love❤