The "Weekend Switch"

Good Morning!

Does anyone else struggle with weekends?

I eat healthy and mindful during the week, not depriving myself of anything but as soon as Friday night rolls around my brain goes "Foood Paarrtyy - Let´s eat everything that´s not good for you and too much of it and don´t forget that bottle of wine!" Worst of all I´m not actually going to a party but staying alone in my hotel roome at the moment ^^

I know I´m hindering my progress with this a lot but I just can´t seem to change which really makes me angry with myself.

Does anyone face this problem too or if you had it how did you fix it?

But to end this rant on a positive not: I´ve finished week two of Low impact and actually did it within the two weeks :)

Have a great start into the week everyone!