**Update** Who the heck gets knock out sick in May?!?!


**Thanks for all the kind words! I love this community! I ended up at urgent care Friday night because my throat hurt so bad and I still had a fever. Doctor there said it is possible that I have mono, but it was too early to test for it. Since this sickness is much different than I usually get and even trying to do a tiny bit of picking up the house put me back on the couch, I'm sort of leaning towards mono. Mono means I won't be working out for a while. If i push mysel too hard too fast i could relapse. 😞 I am super bummed, but will be checking in every so often here and hope to get back to some sort of workout eventually....

I've been on the couch since Tuesday night with a mild fever. Feeling 10% better today, but had to reschedule some work commitments AGAIN. My poor 2 year old is stuck watching TV or reading books until his Daddy gets home. I've felt weird since Saturday so it's been basically a week since I worked out. I hate being kicked off the wagon AGAIN without my permission. It is so frustrating. I feel like I'm never going to be able to finish a FB program. Currently trying to muster enough energy to shower 😞