Counting calories messed me up

Hi Everyone 😊

I just have to vent

I did fitness blender and I also did a calorie count online which yesterday showed me that I had 808 calories left to eat by the afternoon so I thought I could go all out so I ate licorice French fries salad and shnitzel and I still had calories left cuz I added yoga to the evening routine

And then it showed me (the app that I counted with) that I'd weigh double my weight if I continued that way... But I had calories left!!!; I now decided that that app is crap but I am so upset cuz it foold me and I ate crap to fill in the calories"needed" aaaaahhhh

Now I feel like I'm starting over again by quitting the app and now I'm just going to eat clean and eat when I am hungry! calories arnt going to matter what I eat matters and why I eat.

Thank you for being a friend. 🤗