Bikini Body Goal



My name is Elizabeth; I'm new to the community. I've been working out on and off for a few years; I worked with a trainer to re-learn how to use the machines at the gym as well as doing HIIT workouts. I noticed my body responded to HIIT the best.

However, I have not reached my Bikini Body Goal as of yet; I am mystified as to why. I went on a high protein based diet which was actually getting me close to my goal and I've started to do HIIT again.

There is one problem I'm noticing with HIIT that I've started to have: the tendon that attaches to my knees is getting bigger and so are my thigh's when I do the HIIT workouts; especially with bodyweight exercises.

Is there an alternative method of exercise to lean out my legs? I naturally have an unusually high muscle mass for my size so I'm not looking to lose muscle or put more on; I'm simply looking to lose body fat, keep my muscle, and get lean.

Any suggestions?