Yummy dinner and dessert...feeling good


Hey all!

Man, so I made dinner tonight and it was the first time I used black rice...and dare I say I like it! I mixed brown and black rice with some quinoa, and dinner was sauteed spinach topped with the rice and same sauteed shrimp with roasted veggies! Of course dessert is obligatory :) I have my yogurt parfait (trying some new Lithuanian Greek yogurt which Is AWESOME and has that farm taste!)

Anyways, I'm getting ready to travel to a national ACSM conference. I'm pretty excited to hear important researchers and their findings. I've also been feeling generally well with my knees! I dont want to jinx it but.....I have good hope :)

I also took my GRE for graduate school and did well enough on most parts but have to wait for the rest of my score....though I made a dumb mistake that I hope doesnt cost me the grade...

Anyways I mostly wanted to share my food tonight and update on my therapy! And if you find black rice give it a go! I didn't wash it so the water got black which I loved watching haha!

Peace and love!