6k run plus litterpick with Goodgym...


This morning I was weeding in the Tropical Gardens in a rockery, precariously balancing on rocks between plants five foot above the ground.... 😱 Beautiful weather, waves in the background: perfect morning.

Then this evening I did another Goodgym activity (where a group of us run to a place where we do something to help, a good cause). Tonight we ran a total of 6.5k to a part of town that really needed a litterpick. There were 18 runners, we litterpicked for about 30 mins and collected quite a few bags!!! Top photo shows our group and the litter we collected. Bottom photo shows a friend and me holding up a discarded Costa cup and a Stella Artois can 😡! The weirdest thing we picked up was a big bone, definitely from a big animal, certainly not a human bone. Obviously lots of speculation what animal it could have been! We certainly had a lot of fun, although I did feel pretty tired AND filthy afterwards.... Hot relaxing bath soon solved that problem!!!!