Need immediate answers of some serious questions !

Hello every one , I need your suggestions and opinions about a serious problem so I am 24 and a patient of "(myopia) Nearsightedness" I am wearing vision glasses when I was 13 years old, I remember when I was at school in my 5th grade I had problems in seeing on blackboard , specially in my math classes and I do not know from what age and for what reason my eyesight goes this weak because I never noticed that my eyesight is started weakening.

At this point my mother thinks that this is because of deficiency of "Vitamin D" because also I have other health issues like skin problems and back pain etc .since my brother and sisters health is quite right so when I started wearing glasses my number was 3.0 of both eyes. in all these years i have tried many remedies and treatments as for the result in 2015 my vision glasses number was 1.5 on left eye and 2.5 on the right but in those years my health issues had become much worse so I have got weakened .In 2017 I have started working out with "Fitness-blender" and recovered from about half of my diseases I have no words to tell my feelings towards "Fitness-blender" and what it is meant to me...

But in February 2019 I had exams so I was studied for like six months with less sleep and rest and lots of pressure . After the Exams i had tested my eyes again because I have pain and difficulties to see so this time both of my eyes number has become 4.0 . From learning this news I am in a devastating state . I am working-out regularly but now on my family thinks that exercise is not right for me any more and its further damage my eyesight. I am now working-out only 35 to 45 minutes with less weight and more body weight exercises .

I am so confused and very upset because I do not know what to do also I do not want to stop exercising so if any of you are patients of near-nearsightedness please guide me!

I have seen Kelli wearing vision glasses so if you guys know that if her eyesight is also weak. and if she is a patient of" myopia or hyperopia" I know this is too long but I am so desperate and wanted to tell my problem.

I need immediate and lots and lots of replies!