can't stop overindulging and gaining weight


I had a knee injury and i had to rest for a week ! Rest period is over since last Monday ! When i was not exercising , i was eating a lot of sweets and indulging and allowing myself all sorts of stuff ! once rest period is over , i kept overindulging everyday ! before i used to say NO to any dessert or white carbs however this time it's been 2.5 weeks that i am not able to say no to anything, eating pizza for lunch( delivery by my parents) everyday having dessert post lunch and post dinner ! gained weight and my clothes don't fit well ! i feel like a total failure and that i don't have time to lose weight as summer is here so i might as well keep eating the way i am right now ! I try to remember negative physical consequences to stop eating sugar sweets mushy white carbs however there were none ! maybe u should remember the emotional consequences of feeling fat low self esteem and feeling guilty etc.....

i need the motivation to get back on track to eating well and exercising !

Why does this happen when exercise went off track that my eating also went off track?

and why is it so hard to get back on track once you start eating" bad"?