Game of Thrones + bird lovers?


I’ll admit, I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. But I’m a huge fan of birds, especially raptors. Hawk watch international has teamed up with an organization to sell Game of Thrones themed shirts this week. Each item sold equals $8 donated to Hawk Watch, a great organization. You can read all about them online if you want. I have no affiliation, but visit a designated Hawk counting site or two each spring migration season. So I buy things that support this cause when I can. And since there seem to be a lot of Game of Thrones fans here, and these shirts are super cool, I thought I would share. I just ordered a T-shirt in vintage purple 😁

Here’s the link for the clothing if you are interested

Oh, and I just finished Daniels “brutal HIIT” for day 24 of Fit Rd2, so maybe I should have ordered a smaller size! Jeez.