A log overhead press....and toss!


Today’s habitat management was at one of my favourite places: Stourhead. We were working for five and a half hours, weather was just perfect and so was the company.... nice people all working hard to finish the task: clearing chopped down trees and putting them onto a bonfire. The branches reminded me of the game Mikado: all entangled and hard to get apart. We lopped and sawed and with it being ash wood, which is very hard wood, it was a very difficult job! Being on a slope and very uneven ground did not make the task any easier. Obviously throwing the wood on the bonfire was the fun part. As the sawing was such hard work, we did not, after a while, bother to cut the logs into really small bits. So we ended up throwing some pretty big logs onto the fire. One of the guys working with us was new to the group. It was fun to see the look of amazement on his face as “this little old lady” picked up a huge log (much longer and heavier than the one in the photo), lifted it overhead and tossed it over the wire fence onto the fire!!!! I wish somebody had taken a pic of his face 🤣