Never give up!! : FB Strong finally complete!


Just wanted to check in..I'm famous for starting a program & then getting distracted. But started FB Strong April 1st when Daniel & Kelli issued a challenge to join them. Just like Daniel admitted that he fell behind a few days, I also did too but made me feel truly like like we all really are in this together. Well I came close to finishing on time but my wonderful 2 week trip to Europe to visit my son & family (serving in Germany) took priority and while I did a few days of FB there, instead I got 10,000 steps per day average. But never finished the program...BUT the good news is I said to my self, why not finish it. So happy to say on May 14, i finally complete FB strong 4 week program!! Feels good!!! So now I actually fund that I never finished a FB low impact 4 wk program i had purchased and i had a few days left and love the calendar and jumped right back in to finishing this one as well. Works out good as its pretty low impact and it'll get me ready to jump into a new challenge in a few days time!! THANKS Fitness Blender!!