My story


I've been working out with Fitnessblender for a long time now but didn't get serious until March 2018 when I got the scare of my life. A day like any other turned into a stay at the hospital due to chest pain, arm numbness & vomiting. After tests were performed & the dr said it looked like I might have had a heart attack at the age of 42, I was overwhelmed. I knew I had some weight to lose but that was my kickstart to a new me. Once cleared by the cardiologist, I got serious about my workouts & eating regimens. A year & 2 months later, I've lost 50lbs, gained muscle & a healthier me. I don't focus on the number the scale gives me but rather how healthy & good I feel. Thank you Fitnessblender for all you do. The appreciation of the hard work you guys provide is huge! I am a Fitnessblender member for life.