#chorecomplete rather than #workoutcomplete


Today started off fine: a nice cloudscape with the sunlight coming in rays through the clouds, but a bit cold on the beach. Roamblender warmed us up nicely. We are back to doing more exercises with weights on the beach again. We had another friend join us, it was her first time. She is a bit of a cardio junkie, so I took her “oh my, that was heavy on the arms!” as a compliment..... I injured my ankle on Wednesday and have been taking it easy: I didn’t join in the running or the jumping, but still got a good workout!

After we got home the weather turned for the worse, so we went out to buy this multiple photo frame and YAY, I finally got round to printing off loads of my cloudscape pictures and putting them in that frame: a “chore” I had been putting off for a long time or had been too busy for. It came out well (see photo)! All the cloudscape photos were taken on “our” beach bar one, that one was taken on our holiday in Guernsey in November. I am pretty chuffed.

What’s more, I rested my foot all afternoon, so now I am ready for our planned woodland management day tomorrow! Looking forward to that!