Week 3 Abs2 complete


Happy Friday Blenders!

I´m happy to report that I´ve finished week 3 of Abs2 :)

My core is finally becoming stronger and can really notice that, overall a little too.

Although this was a good week I do have some struggles and maybe some of you can help.

No. 1 keeping my back flat on the ground while doing jack knife crunches or anything that requires my legs to go up. The only way I can keep my back from arching up and travelling around is if I only have a super small range of motion. Is there a cure for that?

No. 2 little backstory first: yesterday was upper body and even though I´m not sore I really struggled keeping my weights on my shoulders during squats etc cause they burned so bad. I think I could have lifted heavier for my legs, if my shoulders hadn´t been so mean to me..

No. 3 increasing the weight I lift with Powerblocks. I only have the 2.4 set but they start to get up by usually 1.5 - 2 pounds which is quite a lot and I don´t know how to work my way up safely or in the best way..

Ok I think that´s it for now...

I appreciate all your answers and comments!