Daily Check-in: Thursday, May 16th


Hello Blenders!

How are you all doing today? Can you believe it's Thursday already?! Geez! This week has flown by! At least it feels that way to me. Must be because this week has been insanely busy, and today won't be much better!

Nevertheless, we are due for another chicken photo! Here I've got my twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, with needy little Whale D. hanging out in the back there. (Ashley is the one wearing the coat in front, Mary Kate is in the middle.) They are Silver-laced Wyandottes, and lay large brown eggs. They're prolific layers, and funny little chickens overall. Ashley makes a LOT of noise, whereas Mary Kate makes almost none. They always hang out together too.

There you are! More chickens! haha

So how're things going for you so far today, Blenders? Feelin good? Did you already get your workout in, or is it planned for later today? Or maybe it's a rest day for you?

I've got a nice upper body strength and cardio combo for today. I think that'll be good after yesterday's core work. It was kind of strange yesterday, I had one of those rare days where working out actually made me crankier instead of happier. Doesn't happen often, but it did yesterday. Kept getting frustrated with myself. But oh well, life goes on. So I hope today's workout will have the desired endorphin effect!

And how about some delicious and nutritious meals goin on today, Blenders? What's on your menu today?

It's eggs again here! With some tomatoes, avocado, spinach, and sweet potatoes. Topped with some salsa verde, and it's delicious!

Well Blenders, I think that's about it for me today!

I hope you all have a fantastic day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Enjoy earning those #WorkoutCompletes (or #RestCompletes) today! Have a great day FB Fam!