Feeling Down about Weight Gain

Hi Everyone,

So I've been with FB since November and have seen a huge change in my weight and in general my health since them.

I eat 1200 calories a day and have a low carb diet, I eat carbs once a week and if I do eat them more than it is one cup and no more. I tend to eat mainly vegetables, grilled chicken and fish and lots of fruits.

I checked my weight last week and I had gone down from 80KG to 76.2KG, which is amazing. This week Ive done even more intense workouts, and unfortunatley have had a few more carbs. But I have been doing more HIIT and strength. My workouts have been between 40 mins to 1 hr long and I also walk at least 30 mins all day. But after checking today I have gone up to 76.9. I don't know what I am doing wrong or if my body is just building muscles. My friend, who is a nutiritionist has said that I am checking my weight too often.

I feel like complete crap about it all as I have been working even harder.

Any reassurance or advice would be great?

Thank You