RN - Injured again 👩🏻‍⚕️ 🤕


Any other nurses or other people with active jobs on here? I’ve injured myself doing client care (again!) and I am feeling a bit bummed. I am an RN and do home care.....home care doesn’t allow me the space or equipment to do care in the best way possible for my own body, much of the time. I have strained my glute and hip flexors and it’s been very painful.

I was making great progress after finished Strong challenge, and was one week into Burn 2 when it happened. I was doing care to someone’s lower legs and strained myself that way.

Luckily I have great benefits and over the last two years I have worked weekly with physio and massage to keep my body stronger. I suppose I could look at the bright side that my recovery has been fairy quick, and I am lucky for that. But it still sucks to be in pain and I wish I was 20 again so I could tell my younger self to start all this sooner lol!!!!

I have planned for two low-impact workouts for the next two days, and if physio says it’s ok I could restart Burn on Monday using modification. I’m actually going camping the week after so will need to pause Burn again and maybe stick to the outdoors and maybe a few bodyweight workouts. Should I just pause Burn until after camping and do independant workouts? I also have the two week FB 30 I could stick in my calendar instead. Thoughts??

Thanks for reading! Have a great evening :)