First kayaking this year... but no dolphin for me😢


A friend of mine wanted to try out her new paddleboard today. As we don’t have a paddleboard and there were none for hire in the area we wanted to go to, we decided we would take our kayak out. So after working in the Tropical Gardens all morning (#1stworkoutcomplete) we went home, put the kayak on top of the car (#2ndworkoutcomplete) and went to the beach not too far from us. The water was pretty choppy, so getting the kayak into the water and climbing in was a major challenge (#3rdworkoutcomplete)! We took turns in the kayak and on the paddleboard. When hubby and my friend were in the kayak together, I saw them go out quite far, then they stopped... and it took them quite a while to get back. First thing I heard my friend shout as they came back: “we saw a dolphin!!!!” About five of them have been spotted round our area, but to actually see one!!!! So my friend and I (with her camera) went out again, but ..... it had gone, so I didn’t spot it. Pretty envious of hubby and my friend, but who knows, I might still spot one in days to come!!!

The boarding and kayaking in choppy waters was pretty strenuous (#4thworkoutcomplete). Getting everything back in and onto the car and cleaned at home was another major job (#5thworkoutcomplete)! No more FB for me tonight!