Completely stuck and have hit a wall would love some tips/advise from anyone willing to share!

Hey everyone hope you've all been well! So the last probably three weeks I've hit a wall.... I'm eating clean as always, I exercise the same (but different routines and change the days I do things each week) and I'm getting no where I feel. I feel like if anything I'm getting bigger, and not muscle, I'm meaning fat, my arms look huge to me and before I was happy with them, and my stomach always seems to look bloated. I do an hour of arms 2-3 times a week, I do strength and HIIT videos too, I eat a healthy breakfast normally an omelette, then with a chicken, cucumber, cherry tomato, black bean, lentil and feta wrap for lunch, and for tea either salmon and asparagus with some brown rice or chicken instead of salmon, snacks through the day either fruit or jelly and maybe a special k bar (I make sure i eat the right amounts but I don't count calories I control portion sizes) my problem with food is I am really picky and don't like to eat a lot of things. So do you guys think changing exercise or my diet might help with the wall I've hit because I'm getting no results. I drink a lot of water and no soft drinks but I'm totally stuck. Any advise would be great and esp if anyone has ever had this happen. Because I'm almost at the point of giving up I'm feeling so crap about it. Thank you for reading xox