Patellar tendonitis (Knee Injury)+ Status update


A month ago i had knee pain however i kept doing FbABS round 2 exercising my upper body and core and modified some of the lower body moves. Last week my Dr said i have Patellar tendonitis and need to rest no exercise for a week or more + gave me medication.

Since last Monday(6 May- the day i stopped exercising), my food intake especially bread(like french baguette/ Zaatar pizza) and sweets increased dramatically (sweets and bread are my 2 most problematic foods- that i know i shouldn't be having more than twice/week and i feel like they make me gain weight !)

I used to exercise in the afternoon now all i do is thinking about what to eat instead- may be due to boredom- My mindset went like that " it's okay to eat b/c i am not exercising"...where it should be the total opposite:to eat less during this time !!

Deep inside i know that eating well shouldn't go off balance if my exercise routine was not in check !!! what is upsetting me is that i know that it's wrong and i kept doing it!!

I was eating mindlessly and while standing up sometimes and most of the times i am not hungry but eating due to boredom ! the worse part is that i know that i shouldn't be doing all these but i kept doing them !

today i tried to go back to my eating well routine but it doesn't seem to work !I had home made granola with yogurt and fruit , salmon with tricolor pasta (wheat) had 1 small date cookie and then 2 Anzac cookies and then 3 dates while standing with peanut butter .....God knows what i will be having for dinner ...

I feel so down as summer is approaching as well and i need to lose weight and all i am doing is the opposite of what i should be doing !

I feel bored of the recipes i am following , i also bought the eating plan of fitness blender last year and i didn't like it !

I am sorry for my long post ,

i needed to take it off my chest ,