Body fat/BMI/Weight have not changed after FB 5 days a week for 5 months

I am 34 years old, male, 5'10. I weigh 220 pounds, have 28% body fat, and these numbers have not budged a single pound or percentage in 5 months of doing Fitness Blender workouts. I eat 1800 calories a day, drink three beers a week, and stick to whole foods. That said, I'm on antidepressants, a side effect of which can be weight gain. I hear that you need to stick with HIIT until you break through, but must admit that it's been frustrating not to see any numbers change at all after 5 months of very intense exercising. The weirdest thing is that all of the numbers (including lean mass) were the same when I drank four times a week and ate whatever. It's also been frustrating because no one believes me. They say my diet or exercise regimen can't be what I say they are. But anyways, I'm going to stick with HIIT either way because I find the videos fun. But still... bleh.