#FBPotluck: Shepherds Pie 🇬🇧 Or Filosoof 🇾🇪


Our Potluck party meal was: English Shepherds Pie with the Dutch calling it Filosoof. Basically: leftover meat, covered with onions and topped with mash and some cheese. In the oven and ... done.

Originally the recipe was called Cottage pie, made by the poor workers living in workman’s cottages. Shepherds pie came later and is called that because it has lamb as meat. I could not find where the Dutch word Filosoof stems from, but it is the same recipe. My mum used to make it with leftover “gehaktballen” (meatballs)! Now that is going back years....!!!! But at least my Potluck contribution is English as well as Dutch YAY.

This version was a leftover from something my son cooked yesterday, beans with chorizo, egg and tomato. As he generally eats rather a lot there was not enough left for hubby and me. So I added chicken and spinach and rocket, topped it with sweet potato mash and crushed tortilla chips. It was yummy and more importantly very easy....

the rose wine is there because it is Sunday!!! I thought I deserved a nice glass after a (leisurely) 34k cycle ride!