FB Potluck: Schwäbisch edition


First off, I‘m cheating – just a little! My potluck dish is a traditional Southern German one, Maultaschen. I don‘t even think there is an English translation for this, but it is a sort of pasta dough either rolled or folded into rectangular shapes and stuffed with everything you might imagine!

The most standard filling would be pork, as far as I know – my family is not originally Schwäbisch, so if anyone wants to correct me, please do! :D There are vegetarian Maultaschen stuffed with veggies and egg, and vegan ones as well. You can stuff them with ricotta and spinach, or pumpkin, or other cheeses combined with literally anything that sounds good to your taste.

Then, you can serve the Maultaschen either in broth, or cooked with potato salad on the side, or cut up in slices and fried. You can also grill them if you like and they taste aaaaamazing!

The true Swabian housewife makes these herself, of course. I am lazy and pressed for time, so I fried up some storebought ones.

My strawberries are right from this area, I‘m very lucky to have discovered a farmer‘s store that sells some excellent veggies and fruit from their own farm.

Thanks for taking part with all these mouthwatering dishes, FB food parties never fail to deliver!

Now, gotta dig in before the Maultaschen cool off. Sorry for the hurried presentation, guys, I‘ve been really really hungry all day (eating all the time!) after finishing Daniel‘s new workout in the morning. :D

PS: I didn't match the beer. Tannenzäpfle or Palmbräu would be more local. ;)