Need help losing some fat, but I don’t want to cut calories or carbs severely.


So I have gained some fat/weight since last summer and I just don’t feel like I look good. Pretty much every diet I’ve looked at suggest either cutting carbs or calories. For me this would not work. I’m currently trying to recover from eating disorders mostly bulimia, and I feel like this would make me relapse. Also I don’t want to make my mom go out of their way to fix low carb or tasteless meals. A low carb diet would make me give up my passion for baking as well. I know it is kind of weird that a person who loves learning about fitness and health, also loves to bake. I mean I am a carbaholic especially sugar and I realize that is something I need to work on. I do go to the gym 3 times a week as well as take martial arts about 2 times a week. Also something I think I should add (sorry to make this more complicated) I have a very slow digestion so if I eat a meal I may feel full for hours to the rest of the day depending on how large it was. If any one has any suggestions please let me know and thank you for all of the advice.😀