FB Pot Luck - Kinda, Sorta (But Not Really)


Not really the FB Pot Luck format called for, but thought I'd share a funny food story that happened recently. Wonder how many of you can relate...

Are you, your husbands, wives, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, family members, friends as helpful as me when it comes to dinner ideas?


“What would you like for dinner, sweetheart,” #chefinthemaking asks.⁣

Knowing we had a pretty stocked refrigerator and pantry from grocery shopping earlier in the week, but not wanting to seem presumptuous, I said, “well, is there anything we need to eat?”⁣

“Husband, we just went shopping; everything is fresh.”⁣

“Hmmm...well, are you in the mood for anything, in specific?”⁣

“HUSBAND! You are no help...literally.”

“But you always come up with such wonderful meals, sweetheart. I love all the amazing ideas you have!”⁣


Maybe, but I ended up happily stuffing my face with some glorious lettuce wraps. In fact, I was so busy stuffing my face that I only got a few pics of the ingredients...not the finished product.

Oh, well.


Happy Friday, everyone...and happy FB Pot Luck!