Mindset change


I've been working out with FB for over two years. When I began I was solely focused on weight and carried with me generations of wrong thinking about dieting. I would look at myself every summer and hate what I saw. I didn't swim with my kids or even want to go outside because I was too fat and out of shape to be seen.

Over the past 2 years my weight has gone up and down. My measurements haven't changed a ton, but my thinking, my mindset and my goals have been transformed. I've found joy in the process and realized how working out is good for my soul among other things. I still have rolls I don't want, and my underarms still wave when I lift my hands but I can jump higher than ever before, I can chop wood with strength I never knew I had and my heart rate drops quickly after a hard workout. I still struggle with not being where I want to be, however the truths I hear and read here on fb have taken root in my mind and I am able to speak positively to myself.

I'm not giving up on my goals of dropping sizes, and watching the scale move down, but I am standing here this summer in my shorts and tank top confident and happy to be me. I am about to go play at the beach with my kids praying my actions of getting out there and having fun (even if I'm not a skinny-minny) will break the cycle of lies passed down to us and teach my kids the joys of fitness.

Thank you FB - Kelly & Daniel and the community here for all you do and say. You've helped change my life. ❤

P.s. forgive the speckled photo, my mirror isn't the best. 😄