Revamping my idea of a routine


Hi, me again, the lovely 30 year-old with chronic inflammation.

This week I have made great progress into positive thinking in regard to my workout schedule. Basically, I have had to come to the realization that it is not feasible for me to follow a FB workout program right now. Even the low impact one is too much to keep up with because my energy and pain levels fluctuate so much.

Feelings toward my disease has been a long internal battle for me because it is hard for me not to compare myself to healthy people my age. I look healthy on the outside, so I hate not being able to keep up with others. I've struggled with feelings of shame, guilt, and feeling like a burden to my family. But, I need to change this outlook because it isn't helpful or good for my mental state.

So now, I am picking individual workouts based on how I feel each day. Some days I just walk, some days I count yard work as my workout, and other days I feel like a real human and am able to do a formal workout. It is important for me not to push myself too hard on days I feel "normal" because I end up paying for it for several days after. Even when I don't do a FB video, but go on a walk or something, I am marking the day complete so I can see my check marks which is helpful!

I am also trying to make my meals as clean as possible while increasing my veggie intake. I've also started taking turmeric and omega-3 supplements which are supposed to help decrease inflammation.

I am hoping that following this new, fluid idea toward working out will allow me to pick up workout programs in the future. For right now, I am going to focus on feeling better and not on losing weight.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!