FB Potluck: Skippy on a Plate


Kangaroo was the most Australian thing I could think of to cook! I attached a photo of the packaging, so you know it really is kangaroo and I'm not just pulling your leg. Australians like to eat a lot of beetroot too, so I included some of that as well.

I'm not sure how I'm going to manage to eat all of this, but looks like I have two enthusiastic volunteers. (Max is in his new puffer jacket because it's chilly out.)

Ingredients: Kangaroo fillets, pumpkin/squash/butternut (depending on what type of English you prefer), baby beetroot (if you don't like eating babies you can eat grown-ups instead), potatoes, broccolini, olive oil, salt, pepper

1) roast the veg (not the broccolini though, that sounds kinda yuck)

2) Cook the kangaroo. Put a little salt and pepper on the kangaroo and sear each side for 2 minutes. There's almost no fat on this stuff so if you go over 2 minutes it'll be like chewing on an old tire/tyre. I set a stop watch. And actually 2 minutes was too long for some of the thinner fillets. Put under some aluminum/aluminium foil for a 10 minute time-out. (I feel like I should use Australian spellings to write about Australian food, but I also feel like I'm gonna have an identity crisis if I stop using American spellings...so I'm just gonna use all the spellings!)

3) steam the greenery

4) eat your dinner.

Side note 1: Australians pronounce "fillet" the way it's spelt in English: that is, they pronounce the t. So "fillet" rhymes with millet here, whereas it rhymes with ballet ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE ELSE!! (maybe. I hope.) I love Australia, but come on guys. I'm not asking anyone to be fluent in French (I don't speak any French!), but it's fill-AY, not FILL-et. Geeze. Yes people look at me funny when I say fillet, but then again I have a very confused accent. People look at me funny anyway so I just look at em back ;)

Side note 2: I dunno why it's called beetroot cos we don't say potatoroot, or carrotroot, or onionroot. But beetroot is less offensive to me than fillet with a t, so I just go with it.

Side note 3: I don't eat very much meat, and was kind of nervous about eating this. I can't remember the last time I cooked a piece of meat like this...maybe a year or two ago? Meat is just so...meaty. But I really need more protein and especially iron, and I was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out...it was pretty good! I still prefer potatoes though, and I think the kangaroos might too ;)