Daily Check-in: Friday, May 10th, Let the FB Potluck/Food Party begin!


Hello Blenders! Happy Friday ( or Saturday)!

(Don't worry, these chickens are not part of the food party! They are safe from consumption, I promise you! haha)

We've made it to the start of the weekend, and you know what that means, right?! Our FB Potluck/Food Party starts today! How exciting! If you're wondering how this works, or what's going on, here's a little more info for ya!

Several of us here in the daily check-in section have decided to host a potluck party of sorts! The idea is to make something local/seasonal/regional from your area of the world that you'd love to share with your Fellow Blenders, sometime over the course of this weekend (Friday May 10th-Sunday May 12th). All ya gotta do to join in is make your favorite local/seasonal/regional food sometime between May 10th-12th, snap a pic, create a new post titled something along the lines of "FB Potluck", and share a recipe too, if you'd like! We'll flood the FB Community section this weekend with different delicious food dishes from all over the world! I think this'll be fun, and I hope you can all join in!

I plan on making/sharing my recipe tomorrow! Thanks in advance for being a part of this you guys!

Ok, now, let's get back today, and another chicken picture! I've almost introduced you to all of Christina Egguilera's flock mates--there's only a few left I haven't posted yet!

So today we've got Chunk (in the back) and Wemu! They are both Dark Cornish hens, and look like tiny velociraptors. They are dense, heavy chicken breed, and they lay a dusty pinkish colored egg. It's hard to tell here, but Chunk is much larger than Wemu (hence, the name Chunk)--in fact she's so big, her wings don't sit properly at her side, they stick out a bit. She's a bit 'swole' as far as chickens go. haha. Wemu is smaller, but more agile. She got her name because she looked like a 'wee emu' as a baby, and that eventually evolved into Wemu. I also just learned recently that Wemu makes a very interesting sound (I didn't know she even made noises at all--she's usually very quiet). She sounds kinda like a ring-necked pheasant. It's quite strange.

So there you are! More chickens! haha

Anywho, how are things going for you today Blenders? Are you feeling good? Did you have a good week? Are you looking forward to any fun weekend plans?

It's been a busy, albeit not bad, week here! I am definitely looking forward to the weekend! I want to slow things down a bit, and chill out! I feel like I've been running all day every day this week, and I'm ready for a break!

But before I get that break, I got one more day of workouts to get through too! How about you Blenders? Are you working out today, or are you resting?

So yesterday, I swapped things around. I was supposed to do upper body, but I was still sore from Tuesday, so I did Daniel's new lower body routine instead. And HOLY GLUTE SORENESS, BATMAN. Yeeouch is right! That's a (forgive my language) b!tchin workout! It's slightly different from FB's other lower body strength/HIIT combos, and man, can you feel it! I really enjoyed it though, and am looking forward to doing it again! (Not any time soon mind you--these muscles gotta heal lol). So now today, I will do my upper body routine! Yay! Upper body work!!

And how about some good food goin today (if you aren't doing the FB Potluck food today that is!)? What's on the menu today, Blenders?

I'm thinking some kind of hot dish (afterall, it did snow again this morning 😑), so maybe a turkey chili/cornbread casserole? Yep, that'll do!

Ok guys, that's more than enough from me today!

I hope you all have a fantastic day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

I look forward to seeing your potluck dishes! Thanks again for the idea Juliska, and to all of you for taking part in these online parties! They're kinda fun, and I always look forward to them!

Have a great day, FB Fam!