Thoughts I have during Daniel's Insane HIIT Challenge workout......


"Hmm, Insane HIIT Challenge, only 35mins.....I'm a bit achy today, maybe tomorrow."


"I'd better workout or I'll get behind."

"Ergh, why would he call a 35min workout INSANE....makes me not want to do it."

After the first AB round for the first time...

"I'm not to bad, ok, I can do this"

40 seconds later...

"Oh god, how will I get through this. Okay Tanya, just focus on your form and slow things down."

"How the HELL does Daniel jump that high and get his knees that high!? WTF?"

Daniel: "So, after this set we'll get a little extra break".

Me: "EXTRA!? WHERE WAS THE ORIGINAL BREAK HUH? Oh, you mean the 10 seconds between each exercise....yeh, that's not a break Daniel."

Me at the cool down moment:

*dripping with sweat, smiles*

"I did it."