FB Fit Round 2 Crew, week seven😁


So we're finally to week 7! I started the first workout which was a lower body workout mix of cardio strength training and pilates. I think Kelli said we had this in the first week of the program and I remember it being much harder than it was today. Is still a challenging workout but at least I feel like I'll be able to walk tomorrow!

I was all ready to do the extra credit when I got a call from my sons school that he had an incident on the playground and I might want to come pick him up. Of course my husband is out of town so I go to the school to pick him up poor thing was so afraid and in so much pain he actually asked me to go to the doctor. So I took him to the doctor and they told him what to do. He actually listened too I'm so proud of him! luckily is nothing too serious but he does need modified food and extra rest for a few days.

at any rate I'm clicking workout complete even though technically I did not get to do the cool down and stretch. I had originally planned to do a bit of yoga tonight but after that urgent care visit and still dealing with both of my kids by myself this evening and traffic I am thoroughly exhausted.

Tomorrow is upper body bored easily workout. The rest of the week actually looks pretty manageable. On to more workout completes!