Hellohs! Update + hello + random crochet + missing pancakes!


Hey everyone!

How has everyone been? I see many of you have been active, participating in a bunch of cool events, and just enjoying life! That's the way to go.

I like to say hi every once in a while, after all, this is a great community to keep in touch with.

So I returned to physical therapy after a relapse with my knees, but I have been feeling a lot better, so no pity for this gal! I'm feeling good and confident, and my therapist and I are working on relaxing my quad, strengthening my hip more, balance/stabilization, stretching, and God knows what else Haha! I really like him though and think that if I really take it easy we can make things work! I've been adding some more indoor cycling actually and using Daniel's interval video (another would be awesome hint hint K and D). I'm still training my upper body (which is definitely getting stronger and maybe bigger?!) And core.

My internship has also been great. The PTs are all super great for the most part, it is fun getting to know patients and making them smile, although things can get slow and slightly boring at times. But I can at least use their gym (at one location) for free! (Which is awesome because they have a pull-up assistance machine!)


The pancakes I wanted to share with you guys I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF but let me tell you....DELICIOUS. And gluten free for anyone in that zone. I'll give the recipe and let me know if you try it!

1 egg

1 tbsp coconut flour

2 tbsp oats blended into flour

3 tbsp pureed butternut squash

About 1/4 tsp baking powder and soda

A bit of milk of choice or yogurt

Optional add in of cocoa powder, blueberries or other fruit, chocolate, nuts, etc.

Optional toppings: today was Greek yogurt with homemade blueberry chia jam and maple syrup sweetened almond butter syrup, the other day was banana with roasted pecans and maple syrup!

Ya mix the egg and the squash with a spoon, add the flours and milk, let sit for a bit. Add optional add-ons if desired. Spray a large pan (or small if making it one by one) with olive oil (for anyone interested I bought a glass spray bottle on Amazon to spray olive oil which I then spread with a silicone brush, because store bought bottles tend to have anti-caking or whatever chemical, and it was pretty cheap!).

Divide batter into 3 pancakes and cook em up at medium/high heat. When it starts bubbling, leave for another minute or 2, then gently (and with 2 spatulas is easier. I like to shimmy one under the pancake and use the other to gently shimmy from the other side the pancake onto the first spatula completely so I can flip with one hand) and if it feels firm enough, flip onto the other side for another 3 minutes or so.

The first dose I made was soooooo fluffy and yummy! The second time less fluffy but still thick and soft!

On that note, I have reintroduced those eliminated foods back into my diet, but now I only drink coffee occasionally, eat less but still eat yogurt and alternative dairy milks, but I still feel good :)

What are your favorite pancake recipes? And how about plans for mothers day? This weekend I am watching the new Pokemon movie (nerd alert), an illusion show, and then hanging out with a friend and making pizza!

I also finished making this bag and am making a penguin for a brother's girlfriend....which is one way I keep myself sane from life haha!

Thanks for always reading my rambling posts, for being absolutely awesome people, and Andrew....

If you're gonna add amazing photos of your wife's food, you gotta start adding recipes so I don't try to eat my phone!!!!!!! XD

Here's to a great May!